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    Kavita Joshi

    I love reading your articles about India…looks like you loved it there…love to know that really being an Indian myself

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      Kavita, people always ask me, “where’s your favorite country?” It’s such a difficult question of course, and it depends on so many things. But India is always the country that comes to mind first. There is something unique about it…the people, the culture, the history, the geography…and of course the food. I love India, and long to return soon. In fact, I once wrote a poem about it. (ha ha, I’m certainly not a poet, though)

      India Is Her Name

      “Evocative, repulsive, exotic, compulsive,

      such a place I’ve traveled, to return, much I’d give,

      measures equal, serene beauty versus arduous pain,

      against odds uneven, timeless dignity remains,

      -Amid filth and squalor, death and anguish,

      lies a peace and serenity, more respect could not be wished,

      amazing grace in abundance, holy rivers and manners run deep,

      a people so gracious, in my own shame did I weep,

      -In a land of plenty but, a billion empty hands,

      my right to entitlement I could no longer stand,

      what one wants and one needs, in a moment becomes clear,

      only sustenance to live, and warm hearts to be near,

      -Both mountains and people, spectacular by birth,

      I wager could not be found, a more honest place on earth,

      despite her palaces and paupers, sacred cows, holy in vain,

      cherished memories she gave me, and India is her name”.

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