I love to read, and I read all kinds of books; memoirs, historical, travel stories etc. But in my opinion you can't beat a good novel. I admire so many authors, and list among my favorites guys like Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Michelle Lovric. And it's reading these brilliant writers that has inspired me to have a go at writing a novel myself. Welcome to the turbulent world of Tristan Nancarrow.



It's 1960's England, and on a small, isolated island off the south west coast, an abusive man forces his wife to run for her life. His young son Tristan, weak and afraid, sets out into the world to escape his demons and embark on a quest to trace his mother. But what he finds instead on his tumultuous journey sends him to the edge of madness and self destruction. Tristan's tale is a dark exploration into his own conscience, and as he discovers the ability of humans to do such heinous things to themselves and one another, it's all he can do to keep control as his passage of internal discovery goes from bad to worse. Tristan is a kid on the brink.

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