The Condor Prophecy is LIVE

The Condor Prophecy is LIVE

Hi everyone.

Today is the day…

After some crazy weeks of editing and proofing I can now say with an enormous amount of pride and excitement that Book 2 of the Hiram Kane Adventure series, ‘THE CONDOR PROPHECY’, is now LIVE on Amazon stores.

I’m launching at the discounted price of just $0.99 / £0.99 for  24 hours only, so be sure to grab your copy today.

With your help I’m sure we can have an amazing launch, and who knows, maybe even a bestseller? That would be a dream come true for a newbie indie like me.

Here’s the blurb as it appears on Amazon… I hope it tempts you!


An uprising looms…
A revenge demanded by Inca Gods…
A prophecy must be fulfilled!

While on an expedition in the Andes to locate the lost Inca city of Vilcabamba, Hiram Kane’s team is infiltrated by not one but two different terrorist factions, each seeking the legendary Inca gold to fund nefarious strikes against their enemy.
Catholics against Incans.
The Eagle Alliance versus The Condor Uprising.
Hiram Kane must defeat them both.
The expedition soon devolves into the deadliest of treasure hunts, and amidst the wild Andean weather and lethal terrain, a dangerous race against time.

Win, and Hiram Kane can prevent a new holy war.
Lose, and the ancient prophecy will unleash catastrophic consequences the world over.

The Condor Prophecy is the second instalment of the rip-roaring Hiram Kane adventure series, and perfect for fans of fast-paced, international action thriller writers such as Clive Cussler, Russell Blake & Scott Mariani.
To dive into the breathtaking world of Hiram Kane, buy your copy of The Condor Prophecy TODAY!




Just 24 hours to go…

Remember, the 0.99 sale will only last for 24 hours, so if the blurb tempts you and you want to support me and help me climb Amazon’s notoriously difficult rankings and defeat those pesky algorithms, please go and download The Condor Prophecy today!

Thank you all so very much… every single sale and subsequent review will really help me realise my dream of becoming a full time writer.

Thanks again, everyone.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing. It really is an all action rumble through lost cities, mountains and jungles… and as I pack my bags for five months in beautiful Bali, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing myself, with a little long overdue surfing thrown in.



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