7 Of Europe’s Superb Goldmines That Need to Make Your Bucket List


7 Of Europe’s Superb Goldmines That Need to Make Your Bucket List


 Europe is filled to the brim with fantastic cities and towns, teeming with life and culture. Let’s take a look at seven of the best goldmines in the continent, which need to make your bucket list.


  1. Athens – GreeceAthens-Greece

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Most of Europe owes a great deal of its culture to the Greek city of Athens, so it’s fitting we kick our list off with it.

Known as the birthplace of democracy, the Greek capital boasts some of the best features for history buffs in the world – from the world famous Parthenon to the Acropolis.

Unsurprisingly in a city of its size and significance, Athens possesses a wide range of fantastic restaurants for anyone travelling there to savour. Traditional Greek food is considered a delicacy, and, if you enjoy it, this is without question the spot to visit.


  1. Budapest – Hungary

 Budapest stands out as another city which needs to make your bucket list, with the Eastern European locale blending a perfect mix of culture and fun to stand out as one of the most popular tourist destinations around.

The city has its roots in the stone age and that’s represented by the contrasting styles of architecture which adorn the place – from Roman to renaissance and neo-Gothic to Ottoman.

English speakers won’t have to worry too much when they’re there, with the majority of the city catering to tourists who frequent the area every year. As well as that, the city is chocked full of things to do to cater to all tastes and needs.


  1. Sardinia – ItalySardinia-Italy

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This Italian island is largely associated with the mob, but, in truth, that’s a fairly unreasonable depiction of this haven.

While the local harbour is certainly packed with a wide array of people – from casual locals to Russian oligarchs on their million-pound yachts – a short stroll into the mountains will see you stumble across immense areas of natural beauty.

The Secret Traveller is particularly flattering in its description of Sardinia, stating it’s “an untouched land of rugged mountains and small villages.” They suggest hitting the coast, where you can experience some of the world’s most beautiful beaches all to yourself.


  1. Pammukale – Turkey

 This spot is certainly far less well known than the rest of the locations we’ve covered, but is equally worth the visit.

The small town of Pammukale isn’t that special in itself, but the Travertine Steps which are situated within walking distance are one of the most overlooked wonders of the modern age.

The steps manage to perfectly balance bodies of water on top of them, without any spilling over the edge to create a waterfall.

Such is the uniqueness of the Travertines, Terry Richardson of the Telegraph describes them as “hanging like a petrified cascade of a mighty waterfall.”


  1. Loire Valley – FranceLoire Valley-France

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This entirety of France is well worth adding to anyone’s bucket list, with vast areas of beautiful green land and fantastic architecture.

A particular highlight of the area comes in the form of the renowned Chateau de Chenonceau. This beautiful villa has been built on arches over the river Cher and is constructed of gorgeous white stones.

There are hundreds of villas like this in the area, as well as vineyards, markets and caves to explore. There’s fun for the whole family here, so cater your trip around your needs.


  1. Matterhorn – Switzerland

 You’ve probably heard of this world famous mountain range – and for good reason. The local resort of Zermatt is without doubt worth a visit at some point in your life.

While scaling the mountain itself is probably a stretch for the casual adventurer, the views up it directly from the resort at the bottom make it one of the most picturesque spots in Europe.

At night the mass of lights in Zermatt light up the area and give the whole region an enchanted Christmassy feel.


     7. Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Blue Lagoon-Iceland

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 This entry might sound like something out of a pirate movie, but in reality the Blue Lagoon is a tourist spot which doubles up as a spa in Iceland.

The unique pools of the lagoon are a brilliant aquamarine in colour and provide people with a luxurious and relaxing experience for relatively affordable prices.

The area has become an incredibly popular tourist spot across the past few years, with people from all over the world flocking there to take a dip in the waters.

Whether you want a spa day or just a brief swim in the lagoon itself, it’s worth checking out at some point in your life.


These are just seven European goldmines to add to your bucket list. Why not take a trip to any of these locations this year and get one of them ticked off straight away?

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