Whilst walking on the beach this morning I spotted these two insignificant objects washed up, directly side by side. Noticing they were similar in size and shape, and just two inches apart, it got me thinking about parallels. An old shell and a broken glass bottle neck. Glass is made from sand, and sand is made from old shells ground down over thousands or millions of years. Okay, not very exciting, I know.


But it got me thinking of other parallels, and as I always do when I’m traveling somewhere cool, like here in the Bahamas, my thoughts turned to my dad. Paddy wasn’t much of a traveler, but like me he did love the beach. Over 20 years ago, my dad died suddenly aged 52. The Bahamas is the 52nd country I’ve visited. Okay, it’s a tenuous parallel at best, but it just made me extra grateful that I still have my health, despite the aches and pains of middle-age, and I am so fortunate to have found a transient lifestyle that suits me more than any other I could imagine, especially with my best friend and love Leslie beside me.

You never know what is round the corner. My dad wasn’t sick. He just got a fluke illness and died suddenly. My point?

Seize the day.

Notice the small things around you. Think of the past, but don’t dwell on it. Delve into the future, and make of it what you will.

Carpe diem.

After I got back from the beach and grabbed a cup from the shelf to drink some post exercise water, this is what I saw. Pretty appropriate to my mood today, wouldn’t you say?

Cheers Paddy.


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