World Book Tour Announcement

Exciting News!!!

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, ‘I Have Lived Today,’ is about to commence on a ‘World Wide Promotional Tour.’

Okay, let me backtrack just a little. A book tour suggests that I, the author, will be going country to country, bookstore to bookstore, appearing in person and selling and signing books. Quite obviously, being a complete nobody in the literary world, this is just a dream. However, with your help, that dream could become a pseudo reality. So even if I can’t go myself, why can’t my book at least have a moment in the spotlight on my behalf?

It would be amazing if you guys that have already bought my book, wherever you are in the world, have a photo taken of yourself holding the book in some cool place, whether it be on Lowestoft Beach, on holiday somewhere in Europe…literally anywhere. If you’re too shy to appear in the photo yourself, maybe a friend or your kids could pose for you? As long as the cover appears clearly, either the paperback or on Kindle, iPad etc, and as long as the location is obvious, then we’re on to something fun. I’ll turn it into a competition, too, and the best photos will be considered for prizes, but all bar none will feature on the blog.

What you need to do:

-Take a fun photo of you or someone else holding my book, with the cover and location clearly visible.

-Email photo to me at, with your name, the date, and exact location.

And that’s it.

It’s all just a little fun of course, but it could also develop into a very useful marketing gimmick. So, a big thanks in advance to all those who participate, and helping me to get some more exposure for the project. I’m very grateful indeed.

The Tour

I hope to see my book all over the world, and the target is 50 countries. But let’s kick this ‘World Tour’ off with my awesome brother Ian, proudly showing his copy of ‘I Have Lived Today’ at his workplace in Darwin, Australia, the brilliant Crocosaurus Cove


I Have Lived Today World Book Tour

I Have Lived Today World Book Tour

I Have Lived Today World Book Tour

For those of you who are still interested in buying my book, it is currently on sale in Kindle format at 50% off the original price.

Click on the links below to snap up your copy.

U.K. £2.05    U.S $3.11   AUSTRALIA $3.99  MEXCIO $40 pesos


I Have Lived Today World Book Tour

It looks like the Aussie locals are snapping up their copies…ARE YOU?


And remember, guys, Amazon reviews are Author Gold, and here’s why:

BookBub (the promo service I want to secure an ad on) are looking for 30-40 Amazon reviews before they’d consider letting me book an ad which will get ‘I Have Lived Today’ in front of 1,470,000 potential readers. According to some statistics I’ve read, for every 100 readers I can expect 1 review. Not many, right, so every single review really does count. I’m up to 15 so far across all Amazon platforms, which is a very good start. If you’ve already done so, thanks a lot. If you’ve read the book and are yet to write a review, please do so. And if you haven’t yet bought the book but are thinking about it, don’t forget it’s available at half-price right now.

‘I Have Lived Today,‘ is going on a world tour.

Are you going to join in?

Here’s Leslie and I in the Cage of Death…terrifying. Turn up your volume to hear Leslie squealing like a baby!!

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