“For a guy who looks like a jock, you’re actually quite literate.”

That was said to me last week by our friend and new tenant at our house in Mexico, the lovely Krisha. I’m fairly certain that it’s a compliment. Then again…I think of ‘jock’ as a big, brash American high school sports star type, and while I am still quite sporty, I’m not big, I’m definitely not American, and I thought ‘brash’ was code for bra rash? Nevertheless, when you’re just starting out on your writing career, as I am, and someone who has read your book considers you ‘quite literate,’ then you have to be happy. So thanks, Krisha, I’ll take compliments about my work anyway they come.

We’re in Korea now, after a long and exhausting forty hour journey from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to Daegu, Korea. The last thing we did before leaving San Miguel was to have an event at Garrison and Garrison Bookstore. It was great fun and an overwhelming success. I introduced my novel, and read some passages from the book, which were very well received. I sold all but three of the paperbacks available, and the remaining copies are sitting snugly on the shelves of the store. In one way, I kind of hope that nobody buys them, because to have my own books on the shelves of a bookstore that I really like might even be more fun than actually selling them.

I Have Lived Today by Author, Steven Moore


A Quick Reminder about Reviews

The bottom line is, reviews are priceless. So please, if you’ve been kind enough to have bought and read my book, please spend another couple of minutes to write a review on Amazon. They really are the only way to build momentum for the project. Thanks in advance. Below are a few examples of my latest reviews. Very happy with those. “A Dickensian-like quest,” nonetheless. I’ll take it.
I Have Lived Today by Author, Steven Moore

Sales Update

As I have said on numerous occasions, selling millions of books is not what the project is about, though of course it would be nice. For me it was the fulfilling of a dream. However, without really doing any marketing, to date I have sold well over 100 books, most of them paperbacks. It’s been a much better response than I would ever have expected, and each time a new sale registers it’s very exciting. Thanks to all who have purchased.

Before last week’s bookstore event, I was also featured in local San Miguel newspaper, the Atencion. It’s just a short piece about how Leslie and I found ourselves in San Miguel, and a little about my book. Check it out.
I Have Lived Today by Author, Steven Moore
And finally, just in case you’re still thinking about buying my book, here are the links:


Kindle U.S.

Kindle U.K


Coming soon…A Big Announcement!!! The World Book Tour.

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  • November 17, 2014


    Everyone knows that jocks don’t travel. Would never have suspected you were a jock with my virtual dealings with the nomad.

    • November 19, 2014


      I must say, it was a surprising comment, but totally meant as I compliment, and I’ll take them wherever I can get them.