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As I’ve mentioned before, there really isn’t much money to be made from self-publishing a novel. The average I make per sale is £0.85 or $1.15 on paperbacks, and a little more on Kindle. What is worth way more to me in terms of future sales are ‘Amazon Reviews.’ So far I have 4 reviews on, and 1 on…the fact that one was written by my mum and one by my Mrs doesn’t count. Someone has to get the ball rolling, right?

And that is why I’m here to ask a huge favour. So far, about eighty people have been kind/dumb/brave enough to have bought my novel. If I could just turn half of those into positive Amazon reviews, then I’m off to a great start in terms of getting exposure. It only takes about two minutes to sign into your account, write a couple of sentences and click ‘Submit.’ See below…

Steven Moore Author Amazon Reviews


Here are some great examples…short, punchy, and not too a** kissing. Just nice words that demonstrate you liked the book and recommend it…

Steven Moore Author Amazon ReviewsSteven Moore Author Amazon Reviews


The beauty of Amazon reviews, is that the way Amazon works, there are categories by which shoppers search for books: Shakers and Movers, Most Searched, Best Reviews etc, so quite simply, the more positive reviews I can get, the more visibility my book will get.

I’m so very grateful to anyone that’s bought my book, I truly am. Those who bought the paperback from Createspace, I’m not sure if you can write a proper review on Amazon, which puts more emphasis on those who bought directly with Amazon. I’m grateful to all of you, however you purchased. But if you could go a step further and add your review to Amazon, you would really make my day…no, you’d make my year, and in doing so, give my little project a greater chance of success. Thanks in advance.
NB: Of course, please don’t write a review as if you know me, as that would undermine any credibility. For example, please don’t write this: “Yeah, my old mate Steve, didn’t even know he could write, so I was very surprised by his book, the best book I’ve ever read, amazing, what a man, best writer ever. Go Steve, woo hoo!!”
That wouldn’t help 😉

It’s still all a little surreal to me. I mean, I always thought I had stories to tell, but to have now written a story, turned it into a manuscript, edited that into a novel length tale, and formatted it into an actual book…and then to have a launch party and actually sell and sign copies…well, it’s still difficult to believe.

Take a look below. That’s me, trying to remain cool, while on the inside my heart is fluttering and I can barely keep a straight face.
Someone actually bought my book…FLIPPIN’ ECK!!

Steven Moore Author I Have Lived Today debut Novel







Gracias, Rogerillo y Carolina para los champagne para mi fiesta de celebración!! 

Gracias, Rogerillo y Carolina para los champagne para mi fiesta de celebración!!

Photo credit: The Mrs x


  • November 6, 2014

    kenny Peters

    great read,,lots of little things i didnt know about some things in the UK during those years,characters are very interesting,may close the book and open it and read it again in a few months

    • November 6, 2014

      Thanks a lot Kenny, I appreciate the comments.

      Like you, the next ‘one’ will be better.