I’ve Got The World On A String


In just a couple of hours, Leslie and I will return to Paris in order to take our flight to Mexico…via Jamie and Brien’s wedding in Austin, Texas. As one exciting adventure comes to an end, so another begins, and at times like these I really do feel like I’ve got the world on a string, Sinatra style.



  • March 24, 2014


    I’ve been so out of practice with commenting on other blogs, I’ve just seen your redesign. And it is AWESOME.

    Enjoy the next leg of your travels! Safe flight. 🙂

    • March 30, 2014


      Thanks again. Yeah, I think it looks decent, and way more professional. However, since I transferred over I’ve lost all my followers so I haven’t posted for a while. Once I get that fixed a few quick fire posts to follow. Are you still subscribed?

      Loving Mexico…always have actually, but only ever been to the coasts before, and San Miguel de Allende could just be our new home.

      Take care, Sally.

  • March 18, 2014

    whitney o'friel

    Yea Paris, Mexico and Austin! Believe it or not this ‘armchair traveler’ has been to all 3! Some of my favorite places for show.
    My husband’s mother loved Frank and when she died he inherited all her beloved cds. Though I love Frank’s crooning smoking swag as much as the next person I must admit he gets a little ‘under my skin’ after Bill plays them for days on end! Anywho, Peace, Love & Tequila to you lovebirds (and please for the love of god would you stress to my worldly little sister the sanctity of sharing a shot or two…(‘When in Mexico’) (and it’s cheaper than champagne!)